I-SRV: Storytelling

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Opening Hearts and Minds Through Story

Compassionate Storytelling

Our Mission

The mission of Compassionate Storytelling is to nourish belonging and promote healing as we build bridges across different traditions, cultures and belief systems.  Some differences in cultural beliefs are threatening our lives and our planet while our inherent diversity enrichens our lives and are worthy of celebration.  Sharing our truths, bridging our differences, sharing joy in diversity and listening deeply to each other with compassion enables us to strengthen our lives, create our futures and build enduring community.

Telling your story can change everything:

  • If we know each other better – we build trust
  • If we can tell our own stories and can be heard – we get to know ourselves
  • If we learn tools to build our families and communities – we build the stories of our future.

Together we seek our truth and experience joy in relationship.

Canopy of Redwood Trees

Our Values

  • Honoring our values of standing for ourselves and for others
  • Building a moral society through understanding, kindness, measured discernment and civil discourse.
  • Acting to build common ground and peaceful co-existence in community
  • To diffuse hate, discrimination and bigotry through mutual understanding of our shared humanity

Fundamental Precepts

  • Knowledge of the self
  • Knowledge of the ‘other’
  • Standing in witness of another’s truth
  • Extending compassion and loving kindness to ourselves and others
  • Communicating with thoughtful intent