For Faith Co-Sponsors

Sunday, April 21st 12:30 to 4:30 pm

At Peace Lutheran Church

You’re invited to join us!
Sunday, April 21st from 12:30 to 4:30 pm
Address: 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville
View Event Schedule HERE
We encourage you to carpool.
Event schedule will be posted week of the 21st.
Water will be available in the Gathering Hall, and we encourage you to bring your own re-usable water bottle.
Food will be available for purchase in the Labyrinth Garden area.
Service animals are welcome.  Please leave pets at home.

EarthFest exists because of your contributions and support!  Thank you for making the event feasible to share with the San Ramon Valley.

For the 2024 event, we’ve created a faith co-sponsor commitment form to communicate your role for the event.  We request you complete the form and return it to Peace Lutheran Church as soon as possible.

Financial Support

The administration of I-SRV’s funds is through the office of Peace Lutheran Church.  When submitting your financial contribution for EarthFest, please note I-SRV with your submission.


For check, use mailing address: 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506.  Make check to Peace Lutheran Church with I-SRV noted.  If delivering the check in person, verify the office hours before making a special trip by calling (925) 648-7000


For Zelle, use email: [email protected].  Note I-SRV.


For Venmo, use handle: @PeaceJourney-PeaceLutheran.  Security verification code/phone number confirmation is 6669.  Note I-SRV.

Credit Card or Paypal

For credit card or Paypal, use the Paypal button through the Peace Lutheran Church website donate page.  The Paypal button can be used to donate by credit card (when using a credit card, a Paypal account is NOT required) or to donate funds through your Paypal account.  Select “Other” from the drop down choices and then note I-SRV for the cause.

For assistance with making your financial contribution, please email [email protected].


Provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Peace Lutheran Church as additional insured or certificate holder. Most insurers will issue a Certificate of Insurance at no cost as a rider on your current policy; some may charge a small fee.  For support or questions, email [email protected].

Digital Publicity Kit

We want people to learn about EarthFest, feel connection, longing, or curiosity, and to join us at the event!  Thanks for your help in communicating with your faith community and inviting people to come.

These files are shared through our Google drive folder, and the links to files below will open the file in a new tab, where you can download/save, print or share the file.  If you have trouble accessing a file or have an idea for an additional resource that would be helpful, please email us at [email protected].

Digital Flyer

PNG (original file size 500 KB) / JPG(smaller file size 97 KB)

This is the main flyer we are using to promote the event in digital format.  We encourage you to make the flyer a link to the I-SRV website when you share in email, on your website, or through social media.

Printer-Friendly Flyer

PNG (original file size 410 KB) / JPG (108 KB)

This is similar to the design of the digital flyer, but it has more white space and uses less ink when printing.  It is designed to print on 8.5×11 size paper.  You can also share this digitally.


PNG (755 KB)

This is designed for in-house printing on 11×17 size paper.

New as of 4/10: Slide about volunteering

Power point / Keynote (compatible with Apple devices only) / Image smaller file size  (JPG 149 KB) / Image larger file size (PNG 883 KB)

You can use this slide by itself or add it with others.  The image can be used on a website or in email.

Slide with Digital Flyer

Power point / Keynote (compatible with Apple devices only)

The digital flyer on a slide with black background.  You can use this slide by itself or add it with other announcement slides your congregation is viewing.

EarthFest Announcement Slide on White Background

Power point / Keynote / Image smaller file size (JPG 137 KB) / Image larger file size (PNG 639 KB)

You can use this slide by itself or add it with others.  The image can be used on a website or in email.

EarthFest Announcement Slide on Black Background

Power point / Keynote / Image smaller file size (JPG 148 KB) / Image larger file size (PNG 738 KB)

You can use this slide by itself or add it with others.  The image can be used on a website or in email.

I-SRV Slide with Sentence Description Of Who We Are

Power point / Keynote / Image smaller file size (JPG 153 KB) / Image larger file size ( PNG KB)

You can use this slide by itself or add it with others.  The image can be used on a website or in email.

Campaign Emails

First Campaign Email Webpage  Reverence and Relationship with Our Intentions for Planning EarthFest

Second Campaign Email Webpage  Call for Artists

Third Campaign Email Webpage  Volunteer Sign Up Request


You can share photos from last year’s EarthFest that are in the photo galleries on the multiple EarthFest-related pages on this website.  Please give photo credit to Rev. Raymond Waespi.  To access, scroll down to the photo gallery on the bottom of the page (and the other EarthFest pages), click/tap on one of the pictures, and then click/tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of the gallery view.  You can download or share on social media from there.

Press Release


The press release was written for publicity outlets.  You can share the entire document or parts of the text that would interest your community.

QR Code


Tiny URL for Advance Sign Up to Volunteer the Day of the Event


We need your help in asking members of faith co-sponsors to serve as volunteers the day of the event.  We are using this sign-up genius page to organize and communicate with volunteers.

Video from 2023 EarthFest